I read the article Why Emma Watson’s Boobs Prove We Need Feminism and found a surprisingly high number of things I liked for a HuffPo post.

I’ll make the case for why we need Emma Watson’s boobs and feminism.

You’re already thinking this is going to be sexist. Stop your mind from doing that. Open your mind.

Good. Now we can continue.

Emma’s a very attractive woman. She is in great shape. She shows off her shape. People get mad.

Why? Jealousy? Probably. But they claim it’s for other reasons (see: “defending feminism”).

The Fat Acceptance Movement needs to stop. We need to focus on getting everyone to a healthy body size.

Health is not in all sizes. That’s a lie. Stop perpetuating that lie. It’s not good for anyone.

Also, women may not realize the power they have.

Most men do most things to impress women. They will do anything to get you to notice them and pay attention to them.

Use that power, ladies. Emma’s boobs command that power. Yours can too.

We NEED Emma to be both smart and pretty. Thankfully, she is both.

She shows that it can be done. She sets an example for young girls across the globe, thanks to her celebrity.

That’s why we need boobs. Here’s why we need feminism.

Rape culture is real.

Look at college football. Rape every year on campuses all across the country. You probably didn’t hear about that many of them.

I’m amazed at how many people didn’t hear about the gang rape at Minnesota. You probably heard about Baylor (but it’s worse than you thought). And Vanderbilt’s rapists. And Florida State’s cover-up of possibly hundreds of rapes.

If you think these are isolated incidents, not part of a culture, you are woefully ignorant. Watch The Hunting Ground.

We have exalted football players to the point they feel entitled to everything… including women’s bodies.

It’s a huge problem, and I highly recommend you join me in my boycott of football this fall (there are better ways to spend your weekend).

Here’s an excellent lesson – you don’t have to agree with everything someone says to agree on some things.

Nuance. It’s amazing how it works.

I disagree on some feminist talking points (namely: the supposed “wage gap,” which is economically preposterous), but that doesn’t mean that I think feminism is wrong.

When feminism goes too far, it gets over-reactions from the other side, namely: The Men’s Rights Movement.

MRM has some truth as well. Namely, that toxic feminism (like toxic masculinity) damages society. And that men get screwed in divorce. That doesn’t mean their whole platform is logical or good.

We need women. We need strong, beautiful women.

We also need men. We need those men to be strong and handsome. But also caring and compassionate.

Equal doesn’t have to (nor should it) mean the same. Both sexes are equally valuable.

They have different strengths. We can and should embrace that. The yin and the yang. It’s best that way.

Embrace boobs and feminism.

It’s time we stop looking for ways to be angry with each other and start looking to grow together.