I’m a little biased. I don’t like clubs and I met the most compatible girls I’ve dated at house parties.

But I think the latter should count as a reason we should have more. I mean, not specifically so I can meet more girls to date – my current girlfriend (met at a house party) would not appreciate that – but so we can stop swiping endlessly and jumping into bed with total strangers hoping to be struck by lightning love.

Think about it: how much do you spend when you go out drinking? $30 minimum, right? That’s for 3 drinks in LA/SF/NY/Miami or 6 anywhere else in the US.

$30 is enough for a nice $20 handle of liquor and a couple mixers – so you can split with some friends. Seriously. Three or four people could finish a handle in a night and get more intoxicated for a longer period of time than if they each spent $30 at the bar. So… that’s $10/person for an epic night of fun drinking. Plus… no drunk-driving. Crash with your friends or carpool or Lyft/Uber.

Bars and clubs are impersonal and can be cold or even hostile. They certainly aren’t great for getting to know anyone as you probably can’t hear very well and there’s too many distractions.

House parties are filtered. It’s friends of friends. So, these are people in your already (at least somewhat) vetted network. You have a higher likelihood of having similar values with someone here than a stranger at the bar.

You might say, “Well, I don’t want to hook up with a friend of a friend. That could make the relationship awkward.” If we tried to inoculate ourselves against awkwardness, we wouldn’t be able to do much.

Plus, isn’t it time we act more adult about adult relationships?

We should be able to be mature and not act like high schoolers when it comes to sexual relationships.

America could stand to be a little more open to discussing topics like this. We have plenty of room for improvement. And not talking about it clearly doesn’t work – high school pregnancies (US is more than double the EU average), high STI rates, etc.

Got side tracked. Back to the focus:

It’s time for a renaissance of partying. Let’s bring it inside.

Be courteous of your neighbors – invite them or offer a bottle of wine as gift and keep the music down after 11pm.

We should start parties earlier. Why not start drinking at 7p instead of 10p and be done by midnight instead of 3am?

You could even stay up til 2 or 3, just coasting on what you drank before midnight. If you paced yourself appropriately and hydrated throughout the night – you could be good to drive. At the very least, to not make terrible decisions.

House parties: great for cost-effective drinking, bonding with friends, meeting dates and great for America.

Be responsible, my friends.