8 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Drinking for 30 Days

Drinking alcohol is a huge part of our culture.

If you step back and think, you’ll realize it’s all marketing.

Like: drinking is some luxurious thing. Or drinking is what you do for sports events. Or drinking is the only way you’ll have the courage to talk with that man/woman.

It’s all bullshit though. You can talk to anyone.

Start with ‘Hi.’ Poisoning yourself slowly (or quickly, depending on if you do shots) isn’t luxurious. And sports can be enjoyed without inebriation. You could also try giving up football though.

I’m not special, but I did it. You can too!

Productivity went way up! Felt better. Slept better.

Without further ado, here’s why you should give up drinking for 30 days:


1 – More time for Activities

If you’re drinking, you can’t effectively GSD. So, put the bottle down and GSD.

There are many ways to be productive, drinking alcohol is not one of them.


2 – More Energy

Hangovers are not helpful for morning energy.

Alcohol, being a depressant, won’t lift you like a coffee or tea will.



3 – Better sleep

The first week might actually be worse for sleep if you’ve been a heavy drinker (according to anecdotal data I’ve gathered from a roommate and a few people on the internet) and relied on alcohol as a sleep aid.

But that’s another great reason why you should give up drinking for 30 days…



4 – You won’t rely on it anymore

Alcohol is a crutch in many ways. Don’t let it hold you back!

It can also be a trigger or be triggered by something. It’s 7p – time to drink. I’ve had my drinks – time for bed.



5 – Better decisions

Maybe just “Less Bad Decisions,” but either way, it’s a move in the right direction.

You can’t make good decisions with a foggy brain. You might not be able to make them with a clear mind either, but I guess we’ll have to test that theory.



6 – Less useless calories

If we say each alcoholic drink has about 150 calories (all sugar by the way), you see how that adds up quickly.

Less alcohol is great for weight loss and reducing inflammation. It’s win-win!



7 –¬†Healthier Liver and Blood

You only liver once (YOLO).

See what I did there?

Seriously though – you get one. Please don’t destroy it.

Blood pressure generally drops with removing alcohol from consumption.



8 – More Money

YAY! Money! Think about all the money you spend. This guy realized he was spending about $125/week or $6500 per year on alcohol.

You can’t complain about money problems while drinking at the bar. Well, we still have free speech, so you can, but you’re being an idiot.

Don’t drink $30+ per night (two drinks in NY/LA or three in other cities), two or three times per week and wonder why you have no money. That adds up quickly. At just $60 per week that’s $240 per month.

What could you do with another $240 over the next 30 days?



So, there are 8 reasons why you should give up drinking for 30 days.


I recommend the following beverage alternatives:

Yerba Mate – crazy good for productivity

RAWdeo Superpowers Coffee Рcrazy good for health and wellbeing

Kava Tea – I hear it’s great and there are bars serving it popping up across the US