Ah… interracial relationships.

I find them adorable. I find myself in one, so I may be a bit biased, but I did before that too.

Times like these, where there’s a lot of pain, anger, animosity, fear and hatred of others in the world, we need something to solve a lot of problems and lift us up. I think the answer is more interracial relationships.

And here’s my list of reasons why we need more of them:

1 Mixed Babies

Mixed babies are the cutest babies. Somehow they get the best traits of both races and are super babies. It’s magical and fantastic. We need more mixed babies.

2 The Future

The future is less black and/vs white and more of a spectrum of color. Might as well embrace that now.

3 Bridge the Gaps

It’s easy for us humans to stick with people we know – the ones who look most like us. But that’s not great for understanding each other. When we come together, especially in love, we bridge the gaps that divide us.

4 Reduce hatred/fear/animosity

It’s 2016. It’s time we set down our arms and come together in peace and love. Stop holding things that happened centuries ago against the people living today. We didn’t do that shit and don’t deserve to be punished for something we didn’t do.

Let the hatred go and see how much more joy you have in life. What better way to do that than be in an interracial relationship?

5 Get sexy

Biologically speaking, we need to be with people genetically unlike us. Someone of a different race is going to fit that criteria pretty easily. Which is probably why #1 happens… science. Weird.

6 Fight prejudice with action

Instead of all this talk about what we should feel and think – interracial relationships take action against the tide of hate. It is firmly taking a stand against racism of all kinds and from all directions.

7 Be a light for others

When you enter an interracial relationship, your friends and family are forced to contend with this. If they have problems with it, then you can have a talk with them about it. But only when they are ready to be open and engage in a civil discussion.

That discussion could change a life and start a butterfly effect of positivity towards people that have a different complexion. What a beautiful thing that is.


We are on this beautiful earth for a brief time. We should make this experience as wonderful as possible for everyone here, now and in the future. One of the best ways to do that is to spread love. And a particularly under-appreciated kind of love that can connect us all… now that’s something special.